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Don't You Remember That I Interview Apex Magazine's Cover Artists?

It's true, and I do it every month, even.

Along with subscribing to Apex Magazine, you should read my kick ass interviews while you are there.

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Don't forget to come back to the art here, of course. Right?

I design things too.

I have an entire site dedicated to my graphic design work, since it takes up too much space here.

No one visits it. It is quite lonely.

Since I have awards and such things for design, I recommend the site. Two thumbs up.

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Me! Russell Dickerson!

Artist of fine works & illustrations
Teller of stories
Nautilus pilot
Trapper of Manticores
Designer of print and media
Liopleurodon skull grinder
63rd man on the moon (estimated)
Secret Lair: Shell Beach

Who do I work with?

Brian Keene
Ray Garton
Joe Hill
Joe R. Lansdale
S.P. Miskowski
Wrath James White
John Urbancik
James A. Moore

Who do I work for?

Included in Spectrum 9
Cemetery Dance Publications
Thunderstorm Books
Apex Book Company
Dark Regions Press
Subterranean Press
Many Independent Authors
YOU! Commission me!


Ink: The Return of Im-Ho-Tep

Im-Ho-Tep im progress

Im-Ho-Tep im progress

Im-Ho-Tep im progress

Im-Ho-Tep im progress