Digital: A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed

After a bit of a hiatus on fully illustrating a digital piece, I’ve created my new, creepy image, “A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed.” I’ve been doing digital manipulations here and there, but I’ve shied away from full digital illustrations for most of this year.

New times bring new ideas, though, and these are indeed new times. I’m now a full-time freelancer (unless someone is reading this that would like to give me a job somewhere), and other than my return to school I’m trying many new avenues of creation. That includes graphic design, illustration, fine art, writing, even sculptures.

In its own way, this rather horror-filled piece really represents a different mindset for me. I’ve always tried to balance horror with the idea that I might not get hired for normal positions because of it. But at the end of the day, that isn’t who I am. I really loved creating the terrifying textures of the monster below. I also really enjoyed twisting the woman’s smile and eyes into something even creepier than the monster itself.

I think from now on, I need to create the things I love. Not just to leave a legacy, but to enjoy my world instead of hiding it from others.

So, here’s my new piece of digital art, “A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed,” whose title I thought was perfect. There are also some close-ups too, be sure to click on them for larger versions. If you like this kind of art, be sure to hit me up on whichever social media page you’d like.

A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed, art by Russell Dickerson

A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed, art by Russell Dickerson


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