Ink Art: Immortan Joe

I’m a big fan of the recent Mad Max: Fury Road film, especially many of the characters. Furiosa was a great character, and I really liked the character of Immortan Joe. So, when I was thinking of a new piece of art to create, I decided that Joe would be an interesting one to try.

I had tried one before, that evolved into an entirely different piece, as well as a couple of sketches. I also didn’t want to recreate the same version that was everywhere on the web, I wanted something a bit more dynamic. I watched that movie a few more times, scanning back and forth for some good ideas, and finally thought of a good way to pull it off.

Here are the progress shots, as I worked. I started with the sketch, then started inking in the strong lines. Then I added detail with crosshatching, but I decided partway through that process that I didn’t want the piece just to be fully inked. I started ink washing the piece, both with black ink and a couple of ink colors, and tried to make it much more than the typical pieces I usually make.

Here’s what the final piece looks like, as always let me know what you think. It’s 12″ x 18″ on 140 lb. Cold Press stock.

Immortan Joe


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