New art! Winter Holiday

I’ve had quite a few ideas lately, but between my last trip for the day job, looking for a new day job, and family concerns, I haven’t had much time to do artwork.

I have a few things I’ll need to do for deadlines, especially a new ink piece and a new contest-oriented piece, but it’s been difficult to get the art bug going in the right direction again. Certainly, a week-long workshop filled with long days, and the stress over looking for a new job, haven’t helped any.

So, I decided to tune out the world and try to create something. Anything. Sometimes the muse runs for the hills (far too often). But in times like this, where I haven’t had the chance to do creative work, she starts to get restless. There get to be so many ideas in my head, all clamoring for the top position, that they can all get lost.

It sometimes just takes a quick piece getting out of my head to reset things. In this case, I grabbed onto a Christmas idea and went with it. The original idea was to create a krampus character (go look it up, I’ll wait…), but it started to become something different. So I let it.

That’s not often easy to do as an artist, to just let it flow without any concern. I didn’t know where I was going, or what I’d end up with. But I knew when I made it around the final curve that it came out like I wanted. Even if I didn’t know what I wanted when I started.

Hopefully, someone out there likes it. I don’t get to try a frozen effect to often, so that part was fun.

I give you my new piece, Winter Holiday.

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  1. Thanks! It’s digital, and I just couldn’t make up my mind. But I needed to get something out of my head, I think this was a good start to lead me to the next few pieces I need to get done. I thought of something like “santa claws”, the file name is actually “dark santa”. I thought that was a little too “dark Wolverine” though.

  2. Thanks John! A couple of people have made yeti references, maybe I should do a yeti piece too. 🙂

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