This page lists nearly all of the publications, conventions, and shows that I have been a part of. The page includes my awards, writing, fine art, published and unpublished illustration work, graphic designs, presentations, and speaking engagements.


Bachelor of Science in Communication
Colorado State University; Magna Cum Laude, 2017

  • Proposal, article, technical, and academic writing
  • Social media and community involvement
  • Intercultural and diversity communications
  • Strategic communication and ethics
  • Leadership and team dynamics
  • Writing and revising support documents
  • Creating across multiple media platforms
  • Researching and verifying facts

Awards & Recognition

  • Winner, Best Web Site
    Society of Professional Journalists, Region 9; Site: The Rocky Mountain Collegian website; 2016
  • Best Professionally Designed Ad Campaign
    (2nd place) for The Rocky Mountain Collegian website; CNBAM (College Newspaper Business and Advertising Managers); 2014
  • Inclusion, Spectrum 9 Art Annual
    for the best in contemporary genre artwork; 2002
  • Best of Colorado Web Site Award
    Special Multimedia; Colorado Press Association; 2001

Writing: List of publications

Apex Magazine Interviewer (2014-Current)
Interviews of each month's cover artist, listed below in date order from latest interview

Daniele Serra, Clarissa Ferguson, Max Mitenkov, Rubén Castro, Carolina Rodriguez Fuenmayor, Dana Tiger, Quentin Castel, Irina Kovalova, Angelique Shelley, Caroline Jamhour, Aaron Nakahara, Billy Nuñez, Ania Tomicka, Denis Corvus, Mélanie Delon, Marcela Bolívar (2 interviews), Sunny Ray, Joe Badon, Robert Carter, Sarah Zar, Vincent Sammy, David Demaret, Matt Davis, Irek Konior, James Lincke, Ekaterina Zagustina (aka KatjaFaith), Billy Norrby, Carly Sorge, Tori K. Roman (aka To-Ka-Ro), Beth Spencer, Adrian Borda (2 interviews), Lucas de Alcântara, Loika, Emma SanCartier, Nello Shep

Source: Colorado State University (2017-Current)
Various content based on my work at the Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering.

Art, Design, and Technology Panels and Speaking Engagements

  • Presenter
    Marketing and Communications Seminars for Lory Student Center Organizations, Colorado State University (2014)
  • Guest Speaker
    JTC 413: Online Media, Writing, and Portfolios Course, Colorado State University (2014)
  • Panelist
    World Horror Convention, Portland, Oregon (2014)

    • Social Media Marketing (for authors, artists, and publishers)
    • The Art of Self Promotion (for authors, artists, and publishers)
  • Panelist/Instructor
    (Design/Adobe), Journalism and Communications Institute, Colorado State University (2013)
  • Panelist
    (Design/Adobe), Swansea Journalism/Media Institute, Colorado State University (2013)
  • Speaker
    (Technology/Web), Region Eight Workshop, National Association for Interpretation (2008)
  • Speaker
    (Life as an artist), Horrorfest, Denver, Colorado (2011)
  • Speaker
    (Art) & Interviewer (of artist Vincent Chong), World Horror Convention, Austin, Texas (2011)
  • Speaker
    (Art Panel), KillerCon, Las Vegas, Nevada (2009)

Gallery and convention art show representation

  • Luscious Nectar Lounge
    Fort Collins, Colorado (July 2014, December 2014)
  • World Horror Convention Art Show
    Portland, Oregon (2014)
  • Spectrum Fantastic Art Live!
    Kansas City, Missouri (2012, Exhibitor)
  • Rendition Gallery
    Fort Collins, Colorado (2011-2012)

    • It's Alive show, October 2011
    • Kickflip! show, January 2012
  • Jerry's Artarama
    Fort Collins, Colorado (2011)
  • OnDisplay Gallery
    Fort Collins, Colorado (2010-2011)
  • VisionCon
    Springfield, Missouri (2010, 2011, Guest)
  • The Gallery Underground
    Fort Collins, Colorado (2010)

Conventions (attendee, guest, and/or participant)

  • Art Show/Panelist, World Horror Convention
    Portland, Oregon (2014)
  • Interviewer/Panelist, World Horror Convention
    Austin, Texas (2011)
  • Speaker, Horrorfest
    Denver, Colorado (2011)
  • Guest, VisionCon
    Springfield, Missouri (2009-2011; guest 2010-2011)
  • Speaker, KillerCon
    Las Vegas, Nevada (2009)
  • Necon
    Roger Williams University, Rhode Island (2007)
  • Hypericon
    Nashville, Tennessee (2006)

Illustrations & Designs: List of publications featuring my art/design

Apex Publications (2016-2017)

Cover design, Mars Girls by Mary Turzillo (2017)

Cover art and cover design, Yours To Tell by Steve Rasnic Tem and Melanie Tem (2017)

Cover design, Rosewater by Tade Thompson (2016)

Spectrum 9 (2002)

Original art from Wicked Hollow #1, Fetal Position; Underwood Books

Fetal Position, Included in Spectrum 9

Fetal Position, Included in Spectrum 9

Thunderstorm Books (2010-2016)

Cover, Strong Steps by Ronald Kelly
A Gathering of Crows by Brian Keene (cover, sig sheet, foil imprint)
Cover, Grimm Awakening by Bryan Smith
Cover, Set's Quartet I
Cover, Set's Quartet II
Cover, Set's Quartet III
Cover, Set's Quartet IV
Foil Design; A Conspiracy of One by Brian Keene
Foil Design; Alone by Brian Keene
Foil Design; Answers of Silence by Geoff Cooper
Foil Design; Bitter Ale series
Foil Design; Douglas Western Series
Foil Design; Earthworm Gods II: Deluge by Brian KeeneFoil Design; KillerCon by William Ollie (plus endpaper)
Foil Design; Once Upon a Time in Midnight by John Urbancik
Foil Design; Sundancing by Brian Keene
Six Days by Kelli Owen (cover, sig sheet, foil imprint)
The Rising: Deliverance by Brian Keene (cover, sig sheet, foil imprint)

Omnium Gatherum (2012-2014)

Cover art and design, Astoria by S.P. Miskowski
Cover art and design, Delphine Dodd by S.P. Miskowski
Cover art and design, In The Light by S.P. Miskowski (2014)
Cover art and design, Knock Knock by S.P. Miskowski

Apex Science Fiction & Horror Digest #4 (2005)

Walk Among Us by Bryan Smith

Blindside Press (2003)

Wicked Gluttony: Forever Lovers by Shawn James (chapbook interiors)

British Fantasy Society Calendars: (2004-2005)

2004: Sir Gawain and the Green Knight: The Dragon by Neil Gaiman
2005:  The Bucket Woman by Stephen Gallagher

Catalyst Books (2003)

Cold House by T.M Wright (Cover)
From Beneath These Fields of Blood by Gary Braunbeck (unpublished, cover)

City Slab Magazine #2-4 (2003-2004)

Children at Play by Brandon Alspaugh
Darkness Comprehended by Harry Shannon & Gord Rollo
Repeat Performance by Patricia D. Cacek
When You Came To Troy by Sonya Taaffe

Cyberpulp USA (2003)

Dark Streets After Hours (anthology, cover)
Down These Dark Streets (anthology, cover)

Dark Animus Magazine #2-5 (2003-2004)

Children of the First Explorers by Christina Sng
Death of a Thousand Papercuts by Christina Sng
Flesh by Darrell Pitt
The Womb of Night by Lawrence Schimel & Billie Sue Mosiman
to die dreaming by Sam Anderson
Wood On Bone by Josh Rountree
Bloodbath by Lee Clark Zumpe
Children of the First Explorers by Christina Sng
Death of a Thousand Papercuts by Christna Sng
Flesh by Darrell Pitt
To Die Dreaming by Sam W.Anderson
Womb of Night by Lawrence Schmel & Billie Sue Mosiman
Wood on Bone by Josh Rountree

Dead Things Magazine #2-4 (1999-2000)

Cover, Dead Things #4
Expressions by Robert D. Rowntree
Fallen Through by John Paul Cotton
First Wave Exterminate by Paul Finch
Ghost? by Steven Wright
Reflections of Misery by Cathy Buburuz
The Geek by D.J. Tyrer
The Hexing by Michael Pendragon
The Prisoner of London by Martyn Prince

Dueling Minds (July-Aug. 2000)

Until Death Do Us Part image used for stories

Design/Digital; Colette and the Tiger, story by John Urbancik

Design/Digital; Colette and the Tiger, story by John Urbancik

Enigmatic Tales Magazine #8-9 (1999-2000)

Mallory by Peter Wykes
Sap by Kay Fletcher
The White Hands by Mark Samuels (unpublished)

Flesh & Blood Magazine #8 (2001)

A Thousand Floors, A Thousand Sounds by Mary Sass

Horror Express Chapbooks (2004)

Come on in and join us by Guy N. Smith (Chapbook cover & interiors)

Horror Express Graphic Novel (2007)

The Attic by Marc Shemmans and Russell Dickerson

Horror Express Magazine #2-5 (2000-2006)

Cover and interior art, Horror Express Magazine #4
Danse Macabre by Christopher M. Cevasco
Ice Maidens of Rattling Brooke by Douglas E Wright
No One To Run With by John Messier
Shellshocked by Tim Johnson
The Boy at the Gate by Barry J. House
The Glass Cross by Douglas E Wright

Horror Saves Lives: Four Authors Unite to Fight Cancer (2004)

The Bloodspawn by Michael McBride (e-book Cover)

Incubusvane Publishing (2002)

Dark Karma (Chapbook cover)

Legend Magazine #1-5 (2001-2002)

A Little Onwards (Chapters 1-4) by David Gullen
Also cover of #5 based on A Little Onwards
Come the Hour by David Gullen

Midnight Street Magazine #1, #3, #10 (2003-2007)

cover, Midnight Street #1
cover, Midnight Street #10, based on Ghosts by Al Robertson
Jack’s House by Jay Lake
Old Wounds by Andrew Humphrey
The Colour of Water by Rosanne Rabinowitz
The Machine of a Religious Man by Ralph Robert Moore

Mindmares Magazine #8-9 (1999-2000)

Blood Alley by Christopher Stires
Down in the Basement by Tom Draheim
Foreshadows of Change by Shikar Dixit

Naked Snake Press (2008)

A Beckoning of Shadows by John Grover (cover)

Not One of Us Magazine #32-35 (2004-2006)

Another Coming by Sonya Taaffe
Stone, and Brass by Jennifer Rachel Baumer
The Crying Queen by Lila Garrott
The End of the Road By Brent Knowles

Independent authors (2011-2017)

Cover art and cover design, Next Time by M.A. Wood (2015; ebook)
Cover art and cover design, Colette and the Tiger by John Urbancik (2014; ebook)
Cover art and design, Succulent Prey by Wrath James White (2014; ebook)
Cover art and design, The Resurrectionist by Wrath James White (2014; ebook; 2014 print, Bloodbound Books)
Cover art and cover design, Fleshbags by Gerald Rice (2011; ebook)
Cover art and cover design, Knock Knock by S.P. Miskowski (2011, ebook; 2012, print Omnium Gatherum)
Cover art and design, Necropolis Now: Zombie Ascension by Vincenzo Bilof (2012-2013), ebook and print (Severed Press)
Cover art and design, Queen of the Dead: Zombie Ascension II by Vincenzo Bilof (2013), ebook and print (Severed Press)
Cover art and design, Scratch (ebook) by Brian Keene (2012)
Signature sheet, Frankie Funder by Patrick Douglas (2011)

Cemetery Dance Publications (2004; 2010-2014)

Cemetery Dance Publications (2004)

Eyes of the Carp by T.M. Wright (Cover and interior art)

Cemetery Dance Publications (2010-2014)

DePompa by William F. Nolan, Dark Delicacies
Dereliction by Ray Garton (Cover)
Four Ghosts (Interiors)   Peter Straub, Ray Garton, James A. Moore, Joe Hill
Four Killers  (Interiors) Ray Garton, Peter Straub, Brian Keene, Joe R. Lansdale
Scratch by Brian Keene (Cover and Interiors)
Vortex by Ray Garton (Cover and Interiors)

Cemetery Dance Magazine (2002-2003; 2009-2010)

Cemetery Dance Magazine #40, 46 (2002-2003)

Ghosts Through Her Eyes by Jack Fisher & Gene - Michael Higney
Solitaire by Kathryn Ptacek
The Secret of Club 262 by James Baker
Things by Lawrence C. Connolly

Cemetery Dance Magazine #61 & #63 (2009-2010)

Memories by Peter Crowther
Variations on a Theme from Seinfeld by Peter Straub

Graveside Tales (2012)

Cover art and design, Murdered By Human Wolves by Steven E. Wedel

Dark Regions Press (2011)

Foil Design, Multiplex Fandango by Weston Ochse

Prism/British Fantasy Society (2003-2005)

captantes capti sumus, interior
Dark Horizons #47  (cover)
Harrowfield by Neil Williamson
The Ones We Leave Behind By Mark Chadbourn

Vector Imprint: Thunderstorm Books; Geoff Cooper - Answers of Silence

Vector Imprint: Thunderstorm Books; Geoff Cooper - Answers of Silence


Redsine (Print, 2000)

Blue Reasoning by Robert N. Stephenson
Nightbugs by Christopher Stires
The Fleshing Rooms by Paul Joyce
Unseen by Adam Hodgkiss

Redsine Online (February 2001; unpublished)

The Last Honor
Those in the Darkness

Roadworks Magazine #9-12, 14, 16 (2000-2003)

Bodies of Water by Tim Groome
Boneman by Simon Logan
Cover of #14, The Courtesy of Guests by Jay Lake
Cybersoul by Steve Redwood
Idiopathic Condition Red by Paul Pinn
Lawn by Kay Fletcher
On a Clear Day by Matt Smith
Sunset Over Sybaris by Vincent Lynch
The Passing of Guests by Jay Lake
Windigo by Cliff Burns

Sideshow Press (2010)

If Mama Ain’t Happy (unpublished)
On You; In You
Postcards From Purgatory (chapbook) by Sam W. Anderson

Silver Lake Publishing (2003-2005)

Children of Winter by Alice Millais (Cover)
Dying Days by Eric S. Brown (Cover)
Miller's Hill by Mathias Mann (Cover)

Subterranean Press (2006)

Night Visions 12 (cover), based on Frankenstein, Victor by Simon Clark

Campfire Story by P.D. Cacek (unpublished)
My God, My God by Simon Clark (unpublished)
What Nature Abhors by Mark Morris (unpublished)

Surreal Magazine #1, #5 (2004-2006)

Fear of Flying By David Niall Wilson
Grandpa's Flesh by Bonnie Mercure
The Reaching Ones, Cover, #1

The Dream Zone Magazine #7 (2000)

Rooting the Bush by Jill McGroarty
The Tower of Wisdom by David Price

Tim Lebbon's Noreela Website

art based on the novel Dusk, "a quiet respite from the darkness"

Undaunted Press (2003-2004)

Bad Mojo (cover) by Eric S. Brown, John Grover & Jason Brannon
Dark Harvest (cover) by William P. Simmons & Paul Melniczek
Grimm Awakening by Bryan Smith (cover)
Under the Skin (cover & interiors) by Bryan Smith
Vicious Shivers - Anthology (cover)

Underworlds Magazine #1-2 (2002-2004)

Familiar Child by Tom Piccirilli
Illusions of Amber by Darren Speegle
Small Towns in May by Denise Dumars
Something Must Break by C.S. Thompson

Underworlds Magazine #3-5, never published

A View From The Lake By Greg F. Gifune
Crime Movies By Brian Hodge
Cry Quietly By C.S. Thompson
Heart's Hole By Gemma Files
Hey, Joe. How’s It Been? By C.S. Thompson
Last Exit To Darlington By D.G.K. Goldberg
Mourning With The Bones Of The Dead By Gerard Houarner
Periphery By Kurt Newton
The Shaping By Scott Nicholson
The Wound Dresser By Lavie Tidhar
Tomato As A Metaphor By T.M. Wright
Wrapped in plastic By Simon Logan

Digital: “A Domestic Squabble”, story by Ray Garton

Digital: “A Domestic Squabble”, story by Ray Garton

Unhinged Online #1-4 (2001-2002)

Alice on Wonderland by Staci Layne Wilson
Gaia Sings by Gaie Sebold
Rattle of the Snake Bone Drum by Sean Russell Friend
The Calgary Beggar by Peter Tennant

Wicked Hollow Magazine #1-8 (2001-2004)

Cold Cash by Tim Curran
Fetal Position by Joel Arnold (also in Spectrum 9)
Frost Carnival by Benjamin Coleman
Gnaw by Peter Hynes
Parting the Veils by Richard Gavin
Return on the Downward Road by Sonya Taaffe
The Samhain Incident by Michael Greenhut
The Wholesome Scent Of Cedar by Darren Speegle
To die on a cold, blue world by Justin Stanchfield