New Art: Of Life, Death, and Afterlife

Much like the last piece that I posted, this digital art that I created hasn’t been seen before by the masses. It’s digital, and very much speaks to my frame of mind when I created it. It was created about 9 months into my protracted unemployment. At this point, there was still some hope, some […]

New/Old Art: Fast Lane Blues

A number of years ago, I was commissioned to do interior art for a Cemetery Dance project. Working with Cemetery Dance is great, and I jumped at the chance to work on a new anthology for Dark Delicacies. I had the chance to create art for a story by William F. Nolan, called Depompa. It […]

Russ’s Art Talks: “Acrobats”, Victor Vasnetsov

For a long while (for those who haven’t followed me for that long), I would do weekly art blogs about paintings that I was inspired by. Works by artists who are now among my favorites, like Caspar David Friedrich, Arnold Bocklin, Thomas Cole, and many others. You can see the original set gathered here. Between […]