Earl and his Accomplice, art by Russell Dickerson

Ink Commission: Earl and His Accomplice

I’ve been sketching in my Moleskine journal quite often on my daily mass transit ride into work. It takes about 20 minutes each way, which is a decent amount of time to sketch something interesting in my Moleskine. I normally just let my imagination run rampant with those sketches, I feel it’s an open time […]

Final Cover with Text

New Cover Art: Murdered by Human Wolves

I recently had the opportunity to do a new cover for Steven E. Wedel’s book Murdered By Human Wolves, a book that I’d heard about originally a number of years ago. Especially because my friend Kirk Alberts, who is an incredible artist, did many of Steve’s covers in the past. To do the art for […]

New Cover Art and Design: Delphine Dodd

For a couple of months this past summer, I was the focus of a Kickstarter campaign. Author S.P. Miskowski really wanted to have me work on the covers for three of her books, since she had used my piece Knock Knock for her previous cover. Her publisher, Kate Jonez of Omnium Gatherum, agreed, and they […]

New Ink Art and Walkthrough: The Revenant

This week for Alphabeasts, which I’m now caught up on, I decided to try something different. With my computer being backed up and doing some maintenance, I thought I would try a larger piece than the others have been. This week’s letter was “R”, and the first thing that popped into my head was “revenant”. […]

Alphabeasts: C is for Cerastes

A great new collaborative project is online, called “Alphabeasts”. The idea is that artists each week have a letter, and they must create a piece of art of a fictional creature starting with that letter. I’ve been looking for a nice, regular sketch sort of thing to do each week, and I think this will […]

One way to make eyes

Ok, this is tutorial isn’t about making eyes at someone else, or processing new eyeballs to replace the ones your T-800 lost. It’s just a quick tutorial on one way to create eyes in Photoshop. More specifically, this is about the iris and pupil. There are many ways to do it of course, but this […]

Sketchcard the third: Rough Times

While I was at the booth at the Gallery Underground (Ft. Collins, CO) this evening, I created another sketchcard. After a failed attempt at an Iron Giant sketch (let us never speak of it again), I created this one below. I call it “Rough Times”. Like the other two, it’s 5″ x 7″, ink, on […]

Sketchcard the second: Pacal

Here’s the second of the sketchcards that I’ll have at the gallery, starting tomorrow night.  They are fun, and they are also helping me get back into the swing of things with inkwork. This one is of a mask/sculpture of Pacal, the Mayan ruler of Palenque. I think inks are fun to do, and years […]


I’ve seen several artists online talk about doing original sketchcards, either at local galleries or at conventions.  It’s something I’ve been considering for awhile as well, and with the new gallery I thought I’d give it a try. Here’s the first one, an ink sketch based on a gargoyle I have. It’s 5″ x 7″, […]

Behold! The mighty Moleskine!

Last year, a couple of friends (Mike Oliveri, Cullen Bunn, and a few others) were really talking up using a small writing or sketching book to jot down quick ideas. I’ve carried a larger sketchpad in my backpack for a long time, but I’d considered something smaller to compliment it.  So, I ended up purchasing […]

Sketchy McSketch Sketch: Sept/Oct

After the accident (there’s a thread around here somewhere for that), I’ve had a hard time getting my head back into art.  To help get that moving again, I’m returning to posting some of the sketches I’ve been working on. As always, they vary quite wildly, even on the same page. They range from sketches […]

Graphic design: my red-headed step child

Most people that know me outside of family (both of you, you know who you are) know me as an artist.  But by day, and sometimes even at night, I am also a graphic designer. Sometimes that means signs, or books, or even logos, which is the topic for today.  I created a logo for […]