Painting: Lethe

I had been thinking of working on some larger pieces lately, and the opportunity to be in a local art show was a great motivator. As with nearly all of my acrylic paintings, I had a pretty good idea to start with. Also, as with all of them, they didn’t end up anywhere near that […]

The Fight Was Lost

Painting: The Fight Was Lost

I’ve come to really love painting the traditional way, though I still love digital art as well. But traditional art, such as inks and acrylics, give me a different sense compared to digital. It’s not just that I see my art differently from medium to medium, it’s that my whole approach is different. In many […]

New art and experiment: The All-Mighty Dollar

For awhile now, I’ve been interested in trying new materials to work with, something other than canvas or paper. A few artists that I know paint on wooden skateboard decks, and I thought that would be something very interesting to try. My friend at the local Rendition Gallery (go check it out folks) ordered a […]

Experimental Alphabeasts: I is for Id

For my Alphabeasts entry this week, being still in an “experimental” mood after that last painting (here), I went with a different effect than I normally have. Usually, I have quite a lot of crosshatch marks on my inks. I decided this time to try something with far less lines, but with just as much […]

Digital art and using the right texture

One of the great things that I like about digital art is the ability for programs (I use Photoshop) to let different layers of art interact. For example, I can have a painting of a character on one layer, with all the shadowing, anatomy, and so on, and on a different layer I can have […]

Technology and Art: Google Earth

Recently, a client of mine (who I used to do plenty of graphic design for) asked me for something a little different. Instead of the graphic design work that I’ve been doing for many years for her, she asked if she could commission a full painting from me instead. Being unemployed and poor, I made […]

Seeing it in a museum

I think it’s important as an artist to look at a lot of art, and in fact I love nothing more than to flip through the many art books I have on the shelf. Seeing different styles, different techniques, and just appreciating what others have done is a great way to learn more about art, […]

New ink art and the trick of creating it live

While I was in Austin, Texas, for the World Horror Convention, I had a bit of time to kill before checking in. I decided to sketch some things first for projects that I have in play, and after that I decided to create another ink card. Now, the main motivation for it was that I […]

New Ink Card: The Spaniard

Since last night’s ink card (see it here!) was a bit on the dark side, both figuratively and literally, I thought I’d something different with today’s ink card. Today’s ink is of “The Spaniard”, the temporary nickname for the character of Maximus in the film Gladiator. I chose it not only because I really like […]

Work in Progress: Futility Painting

Now that I have the camera back (it took the family on a vacation this week), I can post a few shots of my work in progress. It doesn’t have an official name yet, but “futility” might have something to do with it. Here it is on my desk, and below it are a few […]

Creating the Painting: Infection Unbound

Last weekend I was able to finish a painting that I’d wanted to do for some time. Not a digital image, but an acrylic painting. Here’s what it looked like in the gallery on Friday night: If anyone read the previous blog entry (not betting on it) about the original “infection” piece (here), you’ll recognize […]

New Art: My first acrylic – no giggling

Sometimes, I shudder to post new ideas or new techniques that I try. I never know if they really work out, if they are ok but just need work, or if they are so awful that the sun will shrivel up and we’ll all die. But, I also think that as an artist I always […]

Seeing it in real life: Church’s The Icebergs

Awhile back (and by “awhile back” I mean “over a year ago”) I wrote an art blog of Frederic Edwin Church’s beautiful painting called The Icebergs (check out the blog here… I”ll wait.) I won’t bore you with the specs again (I’ll be boring you with other ways now), but seeing it in person I […]