Portland, Oregon

I just returned from a very long trip to Portland, and I snapped a few pics for the website. As always, if you have any comments just let me know on my MySpace or LiveJournal. I like old signs, especially the faded ones on the sides of buildings: I also have a tendency to experiment […]

Fun with Photoshop: The Big Adios

I don’t always get to just experiment and have fun with Photoshop, and tonight I had a chance to so I ran with it.  This takes the place for tonight’s sketching, something I’ve been trying to do every day. The images below are for possible use with the great site The Big Adios (or at […]

This Week’s Art: Arnold Böcklin

Here’s another week of art commentary, please let me know your thoughts on the art or other comments, and I will be posting this on my MySpace as well. This is Arnold Bocklin’s Self-portrait with Death Playing the Fiddle (oil on canvas, 1872). I like alot of Bocklin’s work, and I’m becoming a big fan […]