Russ’s Art Blog: Artist Michael Deas

As I mentioned last week, I’m hoping to change things up a little with the art blogs, and offer more than just a “piece of the week”.  I’ll be featuring artists sometimes that you may be familiar with, if not in name than in work. This week, I’m going to talk about Michael Deas (, […]

This Week’s Art: Schinkel-Medieval

In many a year ago, I was an architectural engineering student.  I loved architecture, but I grew to hate number crunching (which is why I’m a silly artist-type now).  But I still appreciate architecture, and this piece is a fantastic view of it. This is Karl Friedrich Schinkel’s Medieval Town by Water (1813, oil, 94 […]

This Week’s Art: Pulp Artist H.J. Ward

Last year sometime (maybe even the year before, the last few have been a blur) I picked up a fantastic oversized book called Pulp Art ($12.95 no less!). The image above is from the book, it’s a cover of Spicy Mystery Stories Magazine (oil?, 1936) by pulp artist H.J. Ward. This pulp image in many […]