My Digital Art: Abashed The Devil

I’ve written quite a few blog articles for the Apex Book Company, and every so often I’ll add a piece of my own art to my writing. Sometimes it’s a pre-existing piece, and every so often I’ll create a brand new piece to go with the article. The article I wrote for them in October, The […]


New Digital Art: Conquered

I’ve been trying to create a new art piece every week, and soon I hope to make that every day. Until then, I’m enjoying the personal projects and ideas that I’m exploring. I have quite a few ideas for digital pieces, stories, ink art, paintings, even sculptures. Digital art allows me the greatest level of […]

New Art: Of Life, Death, and Afterlife

Much like the last piece that I posted, this digital art that I created hasn’t been seen before by the masses. It’s digital, and very much speaks to my frame of mind when I created it. It was created about 9 months into my protracted unemployment. At this point, there was still some hope, some […]

New digital art: Some Things Never Sleep

It’s no secret that I’ve had a couple of long years now. In trying to get back into art creation mode, I’ve begun trying to “jump start” the process with some quick digital pieces.  Part of my problem is that I sit down with new ideas, especially for covers and such, and I end up […]

The new painting: “Consequences”

Though I’ll try and get better pictures of it once it’s dry, I decided to go ahead and add my newest acrylic painting to the site. I call it, Consequences: I’m really having fun with acrylics (and inks for that matter), but they are far different from my digital pieces. I sort of just let […]