Film Poster Designs: Pan’s Labyrinth

I decided to tackle new designs for one of my favorite films, El Laberinto del Fauno, or Pan’s Labyrinth. I’d previously created ink works of some of the creatures (namely this one), and I thought I’d give a shot to some movie poster designs. Note, these aren’t official by any means, they are just my […]

New cover art & design: Fleshbags

I’ve been busy for some time now, and I haven’t been able to post the newest ebook cover that I created a couple of months back. I thought it was time to show it off, so here it is. For those that follow this blog (both of you), a few months back I was in […]

Of Soccer and T-Shirts, and Steel

As a designer (not just an artist!), I run into all sorts of different projects. Everything from very simple designs up to extremely complex ones. Sometimes it’s web design, and other times it’s graphic design. Sometimes, when I’m lucky, it’s graphic art and illustration. A few years ago, my freelance client asked me to design […]

Crowds and animation

For my current day job, I’ve been tasked (since 2005, when I started) with creating animations for our big conference/workshop. The animations played, with video, in front of the major sessions at the workshops, for between 700 and 1200 people at a time. They needed to accomplish several things from the design perspective. First, they […]

Marketing the authors

Being a graphic designer as well as an artist can lead to some fun projects. When I’m working with authors, I tend to try to help them with what they need to push the books I’m doing the covers or other artwork for. After all, if they do well then hopefully I’ll get noticed as […]

Dabbling in the land of multimedia

When I’m not doing art (so-so art, really), I work both as a day job and as a freelancer in web and multimedia design and development. Most of the time, that means I have to turn off the creative side of my brain and slog through whatever code comes next. Sigh. But occasionally (and hopefully […]

A YouTube promo for my art

I’m working on a Flash book trailer for a  client (you’ll see soon enough, it’s not a small client), and for testing with converting Flash animation to video I decided to create a promo for my own art. After a number of unique issues (I’m looking at you, Kaspersky), I was finally able to upload […]

Graphic design: my red-headed step child

Most people that know me outside of family (both of you, you know who you are) know me as an artist.  But by day, and sometimes even at night, I am also a graphic designer. Sometimes that means signs, or books, or even logos, which is the topic for today.  I created a logo for […]

Fun with Photoshop: The Big Adios

I don’t always get to just experiment and have fun with Photoshop, and tonight I had a chance to so I ran with it.  This takes the place for tonight’s sketching, something I’ve been trying to do every day. The images below are for possible use with the great site The Big Adios (or at […]

Photoshop: fun with warping

My good friend Kirk Alberts suggested making my blog partly about design and art techniques, so I thought I’d give it a try.  This one’s on Photoshop’s Warp abilities. One thing I missed from using Corel PhotoPaint all the time was the warp abilities that Photopaint had.  There were certainly ways around that in Photoshop, […]