Multimedia & Web Layouts:

Some of these designs were full websites, others were frameworks for WordPress or multimedia designs.

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Multimedia Video:

I’ve done quite a lot of work in Adobe Flash, between web work and video/presentation work. This page is being updated with new (and some older) projects, and here are a number of them that I have right now. I’m also trying to upload (over time) a number of projects to my YouTube page at

Large Conference/Workshop Animations

For my previous position, I was tasked (since 2005, when I started) with creating animations for big conferences/workshops. The animations played, with video, in front of the major sessions at the workshops, for between 700 and 1200 people at a time.

Below are three of the animations I did, beginning with 2007’s workshop in Wichita, Kansas. Then 2008 in Portland, Oregon, and the last one (it wasn’t budgeted for 2010) for the 2009 workshop in Hartford, Connecticut. I also have one for the 2006 workshop in Albuquerque, which should show up on this site soon.


Book Trailers and animations

Book trailer for author Brian James Freeman’s book The Painted Darkness

Art: layer by layer video of art from author Brian Keene’s novella Scratch


News Topics and multimedia presentations

While with the Fort Collins Coloradoan newspaper, I created a number of animated presentations using Adobe Flash. Our (now defunct) online department became the first winner of the Colorado Press Association’s Special Multimedia Award, for Flash animated presentations of news topics including The Big Thompson Flood and 9/11. I created the animations and the overall layout of the pieces below.

Both pieces below open in new windows/tabs.

Click here to open the Flash-animated Big Thompson 25th Anniversary presentation. Click here to open the Coloradoan 9/11 presentation.