Halloween and Harvey Two-Face

My children tell me that they love that I’m an artist, and that I have a vast knowledge of how to pull things off for Halloween. Now, of course, they just tell me that so I’ll let them stay up late to watch movies. But I have to admit, I think that their excitement with […]

Behold! The mighty Moleskine!

Last year, a couple of friends (Mike Oliveri, Cullen Bunn, and a few others) were really talking up using a small writing or sketching book to jot down quick ideas. I’ve carried a larger sketchpad in my backpack for a long time, but I’d considered something smaller to compliment it.  So, I ended up purchasing […]

Seeing it in real life: Church’s The Icebergs

Awhile back (and by “awhile back” I mean “over a year ago”) I wrote an art blog of Frederic Edwin Church’s beautiful painting called The Icebergs (check out the blog here… I”ll wait.) I won’t bore you with the specs again (I’ll be boring you with other ways now), but seeing it in person I […]

The places you go

Family trips aren’t always conducive to finding those unique places that are either interesting, affective or both.  But my wife’s family is from Oklahoma and Texas, and both states offer places that we visit when we are in the area. Above is one of the empty chairs from the Oklahoma City National Bombing Memorial, and […]

Updates and a new gallery

Now that the visitors are all gone, I’m getting back on track with things. There have been a few developments, and there are a couple of reminders here, so let’s get going. My art is featured in an actual, physical gallery locally now. The On Display Gallery in Fort Collins, Colorado, has a number of […]

A recap of the current everything

I don’t do recaps too often, since, really, you could probably just scroll down and see it all anyway.  But there are a few things happening away from this site, so I thought I’d highlight them. My Flickr “sketch every day” project, which is at least getting an OK start.  I don’t think my Teddy […]

Russ’ Art Blog: The Wadsworth Atheneum

I don’t often get to art museums, so I make the most of it when a chance comes up (save for the Denver Art Museum, which is only an hour away). I think, though books and the web can certainly show you art you’ve never seen before, that being in the museum in person gives […]

Great news! I’m a guest at VisionCon

Fantastic news, for the first time ever I will be an official guest at a con! I am one of the guests at VisionCon in January, in Springfield, Missouri (website at www.visioncon.net). Along with Brian Keene, Mike Oliveri, Cullen Bunn and a bunch of other folks. I went last year, and it was a great […]

The whole last week: KillerCon, accidents, and art

It’s definitely been an interesting couple of weeks, and to start things off here’s how last week (Sunday evening) started: Out in Colorado here we call that, “turning on a green arrow”. Basically, we get the green turn arrow (everyone else gets red), we start turning and BLAMMO!, other party never stopped at the light.  […]