Wallpapers of my Art – Free

Below are a number of free wallpapers of  art that I’ve created. Feel free to use them as backdrops on your computer or other device, and mention to folks that ask where you downloaded them.

All images Copyright Russell Dickerson, please don’t pass them off as your own though.

Click on the image to view a larger version. Click on the “Download” link beneath each one to open the image in a new window/download.


Delphine Dodd - S.P. Miskowski

Delphine Dodd – S.P. Miskowski    Download


Queen of the Dead - Vincenzo Bilof

Queen of the Dead – Vincenzo Bilof   Download


Lasers. Eight o clock. Day One.

Lasers. Eight o clock. Day One.   Download


A Domestic Squabble  - Ray Garton

A Domestic Squabble – Ray Garton   Download


Ray Garton - Vortex

Ray Garton – Vortex   Download


Astoria - S.P. Miskowski

Astoria – S.P. Miskowski   Download