My Adaptation of Emily Dickinson’s poem “I Died For Beauty”

Below is my comic adaptation of Emily Dickinson’s poem, I Died for Beauty. Let me know what you think, either in the comments or on my various social media networks. You can look at it below, or click on the first page for a gallery of all pages horizontally.


Here’s a horizontal version as well, more “print” like if you will. Click on it for a larger version:

I Died For Beauty; art of russell dickerson

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Russell Dickerson has been a lot of things over many years. Author, artist, designer, winner of awards and recognition, pursuer of the truth, leader of the earth after armageddon.

  • Kate Sherrod

    There has always been a weird fiction element to E.D. that you have brought out perfectly. I like the creepy fetal quality of the first figure especially. Now I want you too do Because I Could not Stop for Death 8)

  • Thanks for the nice comments! I love “Because I Could Not Stop for Death”, though “I heard a fly buzz when i died” started getting stuck in my head yesterday. I might combine that with the idea of Japan’s Aokigahara Forest, which seems like it would fit pretty well visually.

  • Kate Sherrod

    What a good idea. DO IT!

  • I’m in the “rolling it around in my head” stage, much like I did with this one. I see the opening panel already, the others are just a little fuzzy. With “I died for beauty”, it rolled around until one day it was the right vision.