Film Poster Designs: Pan’s Labyrinth

I decided to tackle new designs for one of my favorite films, El Laberinto del Fauno, or Pan’s Labyrinth. I’d previously created ink works of some of the creatures (namely this one), and I thought I’d give a shot to some movie poster designs.

Note, these aren’t official by any means, they are just my personal designs.

The first two were similar, and all three feature the same quote from the film. It’s no real secret that the Pale Man scene is one of my favorites of any film, so I started there.

The first idea to come along was very typographical, as I like to work with text whenever I can. I created the pale man’s hand, then worked out the text around it.

Pan's Labyrinth Poster Color

Pan’s Labyrinth Poster Color

The next idea was based on the first, but to add some textures to it. I thought that would “rough it up” a bit, and give it a bit more dimension. It gave the overall piece a bit more menacing of a feel

Pans Labyrinth Poster Textured

Pans Labyrinth Poster Textured

The other idea I had was in many ways simpler, but it has a different feeling than these two. It’s more starkly contrasted, and I wanted it to have a simpler approach. In a way, it’s almost more complex, as it relies more on the user to know the quote.

Pans Labyrinth Poster White

Pans Labyrinth Poster White

As always, let me know which is your favorite.

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