My interior art for Four Ghosts

A couple of years ago, I did illustrations for a book from Cemetery Dance called Four Ghosts. I found out earlier this year that it had been published, and I put the artwork for it on my Tumblr (here! Go visit it!). I realized just today that I never posted about it on my site, so, here we are.

The nice thing about the book is that the stories are all great, and they are by great authors. Ray Garton, James A. Moore, Joe Hill, and Peter Straub each contributed a story, which I then turned around and created illustrations for.

They were a great challenge, as each author has their own way of telling a story. I wanted to bring that uniqueness to the art as well, even though I did all of the art, I still wanted a subtlety that they were different from one another.

They garnered good reactions from the public, when I showed them off in June. What I found fascinating, and something that I’ve come across before, is that each image had different champions. Some people liked this one, others liked that one, and no real consensus. I have my own favorite, for my own reasons, but I’m not going to tell you which one it is.

Without further ado, here are the four images from Four Ghosts. I’ll bet you can’t guess which one is my favorite.


“Hunger, An Introduction”, story by Peter Straub.

“Hunger, An Introduction”, story by Peter Straub.


"A Domestic Squabble", story by Ray Garton

“A Domestic Squabble”, story by Ray Garton


"Spirits",  by James A. Moore

“Spirits”, by James A. Moore


“The Black Phone”, story by Joe Hill

“The Black Phone”, story by Joe Hill



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