New Ink Art and Alphabeast: Unseelie

For this week’s Alphabeast creation, I came across the description of a type of mean faerie, called an “unseelie”. Now, in the many descriptions I’ve come across, sometimes it’s described as the “unseelie court”, and sometimes as the creature itself.

In either case, the unseelie is seen as a very mean faerie, one that tends to be very dark as well. Sometimes they are mentioned as being evil, and other times they just go out of their way not to be so helpful.

For my ink art, I’ve decided to take the fully darker route with it (me? Go figure.) and turn the faerie fully evil. I thought I nice split, of a nice half and cruel half, would be a good way to go. I leave it to you as to whether it succeeded or not.

Here it is, U is for Unseelie (a.k.a., Of the Unseelie Court). It is 5″ x 7″, ink and ink wash on 140 lb. Cold Press, click on the image for a larger version:

As is often the case, I also decided to toy around with a color version as well. I brought the scan into Photoshop, and started adding various cool textures and colors. As always, let me know which version you prefer.


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