My new art: Of History and Sacrifice

I’ve been busy as of late, with commissions, local art sales and creation, job searching, various levels of depression. Coupled with those things, I’ve also had a terrible internet connection, which has caused a number of things to fall behind.

In the process of trying to get caught back up, I did manage to squeeze out a new piece of art. Now, truth be told, I managed to do a few pieces of art, which you’ll see in an upcoming publication. Provided my internet stays on.

My friend asked me about doing a certain kind of art of a building. I’m a bit behind on things to do a full piece of art, but I started toying with a piece from my past instead. Ultimately it wasn’t what they were looking for, but I added a few things and I think it fits quite well with the digital work I’ve been doing with textures and such.

It was also a good, quick piece to help me get things back on track. I’ve been terribly depressed as of late, and working on something easy like this can often help me shake those feelings and get back to work. It’s also the tenth anniversary of my brother-in-law’s passing, and, with all of the stress of the job search and home life, I think I just needed a quick piece of art to get some things out of my system.

Whether it worked or not, whether the muse has returned, remains to be seen. But I can add a new piece to my galleries, and that’s something I can’t complain about.

I call it, Of History and Sacrifice, and as always let me know what you think.

Of History and Sacrifice

Of History and Sacrifice


For you junkies out there who like to see how it’s done, below are the layers (for the most part) that were used in the art. They were manipulated using a combination of free painting, blending modes for layers, and masks. The far background was originally in many layers as well, as each building and area had a separate layer, but I won’t bore you with that.






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  1. Stunning and haunting. It almost looks like the lower half is carved wood? But manically carved. I like how that contrasts with the stillness of the figure. There’s a lot of mystery here.

    My condolences on your brother-in-law’s passing. Some things get easier to bear only because we’re used to it.

  2. Thanks Glendon! It’s funny, the wood part is actually the reddish/dark, almost blood texture that sits on top of everything. The bottom is a combination of a rock texture, the fog/smoke from the original image, and a closeup of grass. I might actually go back and edit the blog entry and add the original textures, that might be fun.

    Thanks too for the condolences. It’s been ten years now, but he really was a great person. Also the strongest person I’ve ever met, and that’s saying a lot.

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