My current Apex Magazine blogs

Since January of 2010, Jason Sizemore and MG Ellington over at Apex Magazine have given me the opportunity to talk on their blog each month about art, and how I create it.  Now, so far, it’s been mostly rants about the things I see wrong with art and with the various genres I’m a part of.

I thought I would sum them up as they are so far, as I’ve done quite a few now.  Please make sure you visit Apex Magazine and support the small press, and leave lots of comments for discussion over there.

Here they are, in order, once a month starting in January:

My God, What a Stupid Looking Cover

WTF? Really? You can’t just tell me who the artist is?

Sure you can steal from me! Art? Sure! First born? Why not?

Why the hell would I help you? You’ll steal all my ideas!

Here at the end of all things

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of—Hey! Why aren’t you mowing the lawn?

Practice is for losers

Yes, I can do that same piece of art over and over and over and…

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